Hello Lovelies,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Neerja, originally from India but moved to Dublin after staying some time in Singapore. I started my blog in January 2018 as a place that I could share and inspire the world. Starting off in the fashion industry as a marketing professional, I began developing critical approach towards products – what does the product do and how is it worth the customer’s money. My obsession for makeup has travelled a long way from doing it on my friends in childhood to teaching it professionally. I also developed an interest in beauty further when I worked as a model for a few of my talented designer, blogger and photographer friends. A makeup junkie at heart, combined with the fashion as passion and my eye for beauty called for the launching of Divablush!

Divablush is a website solely dedicated to Beauty- the products we use, the trends we love to follow, travel and food; an insider’s guide to a woman’s beautiful life. This website is a space for me to document & ramble about anything that may strike my fancy. Expect a lot of insider info, trends showcased in a fresh manner, honest reviews, new beauty tools, accessible fashion trends and a lot more. I have poured a whole heap of love and knowledge in every post and I believe it can definitely inspire you in some or the other way.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I loved creating it! If there is anything you would like to see on my blog in future please let me know.Thanks again for reading my blog and entering the Diva World!

Neerja  xx