Everything you need to know about wearing faux lashes

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Faux Lashes

From Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe to Rosie Williams from Love Island, the trend of the phenomenal fake lashes has made its way from the industry professionals to the commoners. Whether you are preparing for a night-out or just a casual brunch, faux lash is the perfect way to make your eyes look larger, expressive and eye-catching. Who doesn’t need those perfectly separated, lush and fluttery eyelashes? Let’s admit we all have fancied putting on some fake lashes at some point of time, but when it comes to application, things gets a bit intimidating. Like everyone else, I have had my share of disappointing attempts at wearing false lashes. With a lot of patience and practice, I have finally become capable of applying them with perfection in a jiffy. I thought I should share the facts with you that I wish someone had told me earlier. I’m sure if you follow all of these steps then you’ll be able to ace the lash game without any hassles.

1. There is a lash design for everyone

Just like makeup and hair products, there are a variety of lashes available for every eye shape, occasion and style. Lashes can be made up of mink, faux-mink, silk or synthetic material and come in natural to dramatic effect. Faux-mink lashes are gaining popularity these days because not only they are light and fine but cruelty free too. If full strip lashes are too much for you, then you can opt for the individual lashes and place them just on the outer corner of the eyes. Avoid using super dramatic lashes if you are a beginner since they can make some eye shapes (hooded eyes like mine for example) look smaller. Initially you have to work with natural looking lashes and then later move on to the lashes suiting to the occasions. I started practicing off with the Primark plastic lashes in natural effect and now using ‘Most Wanted’ lashes by Eylure and premium SoSu lashes. Ardell, Elf, Forever 21, Urban Decay, Eylure and SoSu are some of the cruelty-free brands for purchasing mink-effect luxury lashes.

2. Lashes need some preparation in advance

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of lashes suiting your eye shape and needs, you need to make sure to trim them to fit your eye properly. The length of the faux lash strip is always provided longer to accommodate all eye shapes, but usually we have to trim it for a comfortable fit. Place the falsies on your upper lash line to measure the size and then take them off to trim them from the outer portion. Never trim from the inner portion of the lash as this can leave you with a shape that’s uncomfortable and non- wearable.

3. Follow the C-shape technique

This is literally the best technique ever that I wish I knew years ago when I was struggling with wearing false lashes. One of the issues of eyelash not sticking to the inner corner of the eyes is due to the fact that the eyelash isn’t curved enough to stick to the natural shape of the eye. Lashes are easier to apply and stick longer if the band is curved. You have to follow the C-shape technique for this in which you wrap your false lashes around a cylindrical shaped object or a makeup brush. Leave it overnight or for a couple of hours before application so that the lash band achieves the perfect curved C-shape. Don’t fret if the lashes look over-curved once you remove them off the cylindrical object, since it would only make the application process way easier.

Duo Glue and the C-shape technique
Duo Glue and the C-shape technique

4. Duo Glue will always be your BFF.

Trust me when I say that I have tried every possible lash-glue in the market, but the only one that stays on for hours is the Duo Glue. Some find it a bit pricey for the quantity, but I feel it’s definitely worth the money if you want your lashes to actually stick for a longer time. It is gluey in consistency, white in color and dries out clear. The majority of glues that we get along with the false lashes are actually useless and it’s best to invest in quality glue that guarantees to make the lashes stay. If you are allergic to latex then you need to be extra careful in using adhesive glues and should read all the ingredients before making the purchase.

5. Makeup first, lashes last

It’s always best to finish off your full face makeup and apply lashes in the end to keep them free from particles. We don’t want any eyeshadow particles messing with the feathery lashes, so finishing the eye makeup first becomes essential. We should curl the lashes first and then apply mascara for providing a naturally lifted base for the falsies to hang on to. Some people like to follow this step after putting on the lashes, but it’s a bit trickier in my opinion. The curled natural lashes merge perfectly with the falsies to give a seamless finish.

Faux Lashes

6. Application needs some attention to details

Now this is the most crucial step that would make all the difference to the staying power of your lashes. Firstly take out some glue on a clean flat surface and use the back of a thin makeup brush or a bobby pin to apply the glue to the uppermost part of the lash. If you put the glue directly from the tube to the lashband, you might risk spilling some extra glue on the delicate lashes. Apply a bit extra to the ends because that’s the portion which starts to come off first after a few hours. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to get gooey and dry. Now use your hands/ tweezers/ lash applicator to place the falsies in the center closest to the lashline, by lining the end up with the outer corner first and the inner second. Now gently press your natural lashes and the falsies together to make them stick together and boom! Your magical and fluttery lashes are ready to slay the world!

7. Use eyeliner and some dark eyeshadow to hide the glue residue

Wait a minute for the lashes to set and then check for any glue residue left behind. Use your liquid eyeliner or shadow towards the roots of the lashes to conceal the glue and sharpen the liner again.

8. Avoid touching your lashes once they are done

Once you’ve applied the lashes, you need to keep your hands off them. They are delicate and you run the risk of taking them off if you touch them constantly. They might feel uncomfortable at first but don’t worry they won’t fall off unless you touch them. Within a few minutes your eyes would get used to the little discomfort these falsies cause and you’ll be ready to rock them with confidence.

9. Maintain the look throughout the day

Despite all the hardwork, sometimes the lashes can start coming off the inner corners due to the sweat and oiliness around the eyes. It’s a sad fact that the false lashes are not waterproof in nature. So the best thing I like to do in this case is to be prepared in advance to avoid the embarrassing situation. I always make sure to carry the Duo Glue, a bobby pin and a small mirror in the handbag with me whenever I’m wearing falsies. If I find the corners of the lashes coming off, I do the touch-up required by taking out a very little amount of glue on the bobby pin and doing the fix.

Faux Lashes

10. Reuse the falsies

Most of the false lashes are reusable so they don’t have to be thrown after the use. Amazing isn’t it? But to wear them again you need to follow a simple rule – Clean them after every use and place them back in the box. Once I return home at the end of the day, I remove the falsies gently and keep them somewhere they don’t get lost. The next day I take tweezers and take off the glue from the lashes. The easiest way to clean them is to take lashes on a cotton pad and add some oil-free cleanser to them. Then you can remove the dirt and grime gently using a cotton earbud. Wipe clean them and place them back in the original box to be used again.

Hope you find these tips helpful and insightful in wearing faux lashes. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below.

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