how to style a basic dress to make it look luxe

How To Style a Basic Dress To Make It Look Luxe Without The Cost

Because how you wear is as important as what you wear.

There are times when you want to add some sophistication and class to your regular look. Whether it’s a formal setup or a mature gathering or just simply your mood , you need to take a few extra steps to look more polished and luxurious. Good thing is that you don’t have to spend extra bucks and break the bank for this. The secret to an enviably stylish wardrobe isn’t having a lot of outfit options but how you can style it to make it look like a million bucks. Afterall, luxe dressing is all about the key elements and combining them properly. I always make sure to keep solid colored basic dresses ready in my wardrobe that can easily be styled as per any occasion. If it’s a party, I would love to add lots of bling and go extra all the way, but if it’s just a casual gathering, I would prefer to keep it classy.

Later in my blog posts, I would be talking about the power of neutrals & blacks in dressing classy. Today it’s just going to be styling with what you already have in your wardrobe- whether it’s a little black dress or a printed tea dress. Choose an outfit that suits your personal style and then try these simple tips to add some value to it. Let me walk you through some steps that I follow for a more sophisticated and chic appeal:

How to style a dress to make it look luxe
Avoid using more than 3 colors for a look

Avoid wearing more than 3 colors at a time

I love to follow this age-old fashion technique whenever I need a luxe boost. It’s always a great idea to keep your color spectrum narrow to look chic and classy. Wearing more than 3 colors at once can make your look messy & confusing. You can skip to follow this rule if you are wearing a multicolored printed dress.

Stick to delicate and timeless accessories

Your jewellery should be the last thing to put on while styling luxe. Each accessory is supposed to compliment and add value to the look and shouldn’t be added just for the heck of it. Avoid chunky and flimsy jewellery because classy styling is always timeless and elegant. A nice metallic watch is my go to accessory for any outfit. Nothing says you’re classy better than a simple and well-made watch. You can also add a pearl necklace or a sleek neckpiece to tastefully accessorize with your outfits. A simple dainty chain can work wonders whereas a giant multi-colored statement neckpiece can look like a complete fashion faux pas. I would rather save those neck pieces for a trendy and cool casual look.

Create a smooth silhouette

Your clothes should always fit you well and keep their shape. What you wear underneath impacts the overall silhouette and the body frame. A shapewear makes your clothes fit better and flatters your figure by ensuring a seamless silhouette. When your clothes are lying on a smooth foundation, they will fall in the right place to achieve that hourglass figure. Say goodbye to those bumps and embarrassing lines with a shapewear that suits your body type.

how to style a basic dress to make it look luxe
A neatly done makeup is the key to making any outfit look luxe

Focus on perfecting your makeup & hair

Whether it’s a soft glam or a nude minimalistic makeup, aim to strive for perfection. Even if you want to use just a lipstick for the face, try that it’s free from bleeding edges and chapped lips. The whole aim of wearing makeup in the first place is to look polished and beautiful. A badly done makeup without finishing can destroy an otherwise appealing outfit. So it’s best to ensure that whatever is done, it’s done with neatness and precision. I also like to use a body spray to conceal those veins and uneven texture of the skin because makeup is not just for the skin but body too. For hair styling, make sure to have a frizz- free and groomed look for that finesse.

Wear your dress fresh and crisp

No matter how beautiful a dress is, if it’s full of wrinkles and creases, it will fail to look any good. Always wear a freshly washed and a fabric conditioned outfit. Opt for a steamer instead of iron to make your dress wrinkle- free. If the fabric of your outfit is prone to creasing, then you can solve this problem to some extent by paying some attention to the dress while sitting.

how to style a basic dress to make it look luxe
Match the color of your bag with the shoes

Add a sturdy Handbag matching with your shoes

It’s not always necessary to use a designer handbag to get that high-end look. You can simply style an outfit with a sturdy, simple and a structured bag to look neat and chic. Although it’s easier and comfortable to carry a shoulder bag , but you need to ditch it this time for a classic hand bag instead. I like to carry the straps of the bag in my hands or the nape of the elbow to ensure that luxe appearance. Make sure to match your shoes with your bag and always keep the shoes in good shape and condition.

Keep the tone of the metals same throughout the look

So this one might sound a bit weird at first but try to follow it once and be surprised with the difference it makes to your outfit appearance. Let’s suppose if the zippers of a handbag are golden, then the metal of the earrings or the watch needs to be golden too. I either change the bag or the jewellery, but always ensure to keep the same tone throughout. Mixing golds and silvers would only create confusion in the outfit which we are avoiding for this particular look.

how to style a basic dress to make it look luxe
I kept the gold metallic tone consistent throughout the look

Pay attention to details

Always remember that small details combine and contribute to a bigger picture. Check for any holes, loose threads, missing buttons or creases and fix them to make the outfits look their best. Nothing can beat the impact of a good manicure and a fresh fragrance in hiking your appearance from basic to luxe. Be confident in yourself and what you are wearing to shine bright like a diamond.

Long story short- The key to make any outfit look luxe is to keep everything neat, tasteful and clean.


Pink Bow tie Dress:  Dunnes
Black Bag: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors

One thing that I would like to bring to your attention is that I don’t follow all these rules all the time. There are times you’ll see me dressed like a rainbow, happy in not so fancy outfits. These are just a few extra steps I like to take when the occasion demands it. Always remember- Life is too short to conform to the pressures and norms of the society. So be you and stay fabulous my loves xx


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