Top Vacation Looks Ft. Mrs. India UK Urvashi Salaria Chawla

Weather is sunny, seasonal sales are in full swing, and if we don’t pack our vacation suitcases now, then when would we? We’re only a few months into 2018 and everyone seems to have already made their ways to Amsterdam, Prague, Florida and more such holiday destinations. If you need some packing ideas for your next adventure, I’ve rounded up the most gorgeous outfit inspirations from fashionista and Mrs India UK Urvashi Salaria Chawla. But first let me introduce you to this Indian beauty.

About Urvashi- She is a Journalism graduate turned airline professional and now a beauty entrepreneur who owns Sakshi & Urvashi Beauty Studio in Delhi. An environmentalist and a humanitarian, she’s a fitness freak and a beauty influencer too. Urvashi participated in “Colors TV UK presents Mrs. India UK 2018 organised by BrandWok” pageant held in London and went on to win the ‘Mrs. India UK’ title along with subtitles like ‘Mrs. Glamorous’, ‘Best Catwalk’ and ‘Brand Ambassador’. You can follow and socialize with her on the links mentioned below:

Instagram: @UrvashiSalaria / @Sakshiurvashi

Snapchat: @UrvashiSalaria

Urvashi on fashion & favourite trends– She says, “Fashion defines you. My fashion style is very feminine and chic. I like to dress comfortable but with some oomph.” Her fashion sense is very versatile and not at all restricted to certain prints, brands or trends. Urvashi also believes in sustainable fashion and using same clothes styled in different ways too in order to promote eco fashion.

She mentions “I choose anything that catches my eye and triggers my fashion sense. From Delhi’s local market to London’s top brands, anything that matches my taste can make a way to my wardrobe. Though we all love to pamper ourselves with a little splurge every now and then, but fashion can be found in any basic brand too.” Well said Urvashi , couldn’t agree any more with you on this.

A sneak peek into Urvashi’s Travel Bag – Urvashi is a globe trotter and her wardrobe is always full of fresh colors and styles. She shared some details about how she likes to pack her stuff for holidays- “I am someone who always over packs because I don’t want to miss on any outfit, so make sure to carry basics to nice evening dresses. Vacations can have different moments at times – you would be chilling at the hotel lobby or at times out partying. I prefer having a lot of colors when it comes to my vacay palette instead of just black and white”.

Now it’s time for us to get some inspiration from her holiday outfit ideas and recreate the looks suiting our taste. Her insta-worthy styles and elegant charm will surely give you enough motivation for your upcoming holiday packing.

1.The Floral Charm

Mrs. India UK in Florals
Floral Prints

Florals are a timeless trend that always makes you feel good, feminine and fresh. From scenic cities to relaxing beaches, these prints are a perfect fit for every holiday destination. You can carry floral dresses with beach waves hairdo, a bright lip and a lovely pair of sunglasses for that sultry and feminine vibe. Bloom and embrace your inner lady in these cheerful floral dresses that are every woman’s wardrobe staple.

2. Paint the Town Blue in Denims

Mrs. India UK in Denims

This retro fashion trend is everywhere this season and is here to stay for long. Denims have the power to make you look cool and chic at the same time if styled correctly. A denim skirt or a jacket is as versatile as a denim dress or an overall ensemble. I suggest go easy on the eye makeup and rather try to make it look iconic with a red or a Fuchsia pink shade lipper. Neat retro winged eyeliner, a pair of sneakers and a sling bag is enough to jazz up this easy breezy casual look. Urvashi has beautifully styled this denim dress with a pouf hairstyle and retro sunglasses.

 3. Monochrome it like a Celeb

Mrs. India UK in Monochromes
Monochrome fashion

Monochrome is the most preferred style for a lot of celebs these days like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. An outfit that is throughout the same color or belongs to a single color family makes a monochromatic look. Take a cue from Urvashi who has perfectly mastered the monochromatic look with matching accessories and makeup. Make sure to make your monochromatic outfit prettier by fusing different styles and textures like ruffles, pleats, lace and drapes etc. It can otherwise end up looking very dull and flat because of usage of just one texture.

4. Maxi Magic

Mrs. India UK in Maxi dresses
Maxi dresses

Never underestimate the power of a long dress in taking your look to a whole new length of fancy. Slits, cut outs or cover ups, discover what works the best for you and. Not only these dresses are extremely comfortable but they also provide you some amount of protection from the harsh weather, warm or cold. These glamorous dresses can instantly make you party ready without much effort. Go maxi with heels for an added glamour or opt for flats for some comfort.

5. Palazzos & a Pop of Color

Palazzos and a Pop of color
Palazzos and a Pop of color

This clever style of pants with the right style of tops can give the illusion of a jumpsuit from a distance. Wink Wink ! And Palazzos are stylish, chic and far more comfortable than a jumpsuit. No wonder this trend was first sported by the famous designer Coco Chanel back in the old days. You can start off with some pastels or light colored palazzos to be on a safer side. If your outfit lacks something and looks kind of incomplete, you probably need a pop of color. Off shoulder colorful tops with white palazzos can vouch on your appearance with ease. Urvashi is the queen of bright colored clothing, so she knows how to make her outfits pop with the correct usage of colors. Her feminine choice of the tops plays up her summer dress to create an uber-feminine outfit with effortless glamour.

6. Sport a Playful Hairdo

Urvashi Salaria Chawla in spacebuns

Vacations are all about care-free days at the beach and some casual and funky hairstyles. You can skip the regular hairdos and unleash your creative self while on holidays. Play around with double dutch French braids, boho braids or if you can pull off a festival style, then try cute space buns like Urvashi did. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a hairstyle can make to your entire look.

Hope these looks inspired and helped you in some or the other way. Share the style that you loved the most in the comments below. xx


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